RHP & NSK Price List 2014

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

02474R/02420R 502474R/02420R N87.66
07100SAR/07210XR 555.5
08125R/08231R 508125R/08231R N98.64
09067/09195NES4B** 509067/09195NES4B N52.11
09067R/09195R 509067R/09195R N54.41
09074R/09195R 509074R/09195R N57.39
09081RG/09196RG 509081RG/09196RG N79.15
1003GADP RR J1003GADP+J R32.61
100BAR10STYNDBELP-01 53869.45
100BAX10TYDBLP4A 53518.41
100BNR10HTDUELP3 R 5100BNR10HTDUELP3 N9321.78
100BNR10STYNDBLP4 54221.22
100BTR10STYNDBLP4A 53869.45
1017-1/2G RRS AR3P51017-1/2G R62.97
1017-11/16G RRS AR3P51017-11/16G R62.97
1017-12G RRS AR3P51017-12G R59.96
1017-15G RRS AR3P51017-15G R59.96
1017-15GHLT RRS AHQP51017-15GHLT R67.77
1017-16G RRS AR3P51017-16G R59.96
1017-16GHLT RRS AHQP51017-16GHLT R67.74
1017-17G RRS AR3P51017-17G R59.96
1017-17GHLT RRS AHQP51017-17GHLT R67.74
1017-5/8DECG RRS AR3P51017-5/8DECG R82.04
1017-5/8G RRS AR3P51017-5/8G R62.97
1017-5/8GHLT RRS AHQP51017-5/8GHLT R71.13
1017C RR J1017ENDCAP R17.26
1020-20DECG RRS AR3P51020-20DECG R81.73
1020-20G RRS AR3P51020-20G R59.96
1020-20GHLT RRS AHQP51020-20GHLT R67.74
1020-20LSG RRS AR3P51020-20LSG R81.73
1020-3/4DECG RRS AR3P51020-3/4DECG R85.74
1020-3/4G RRS AR3P51020-3/4G R62.97
1020-3/4GHLT RRS AHQP51020-3/4GHLT R71.13
1025-15/16G RRS AR3P51025-15/16G R73.45
1025-1DECG RRS AR3P51025-1DECG R91.8
1025-1G RRS AR3P51025-1G R73.45
1025-1GHLT RRS AHQP51025-1GHLT R82.93
1025-20KG RRS AR3P51025-20KG R106.62
1025-25DECG RRS AR3P51025-25DECG R87.42
1025-25G RRS AR3P51025-25G R69.94
1025-25G-2ZFS RRS AR3P51025-25G-2ZFS R96.65
1025-25GFS RRS AR3P51025-25GFS R80.53
1025-25GHLT RRS AHQP51025-25GHLT R79.04
1025-25LSG RRS AR3P51025-25LSG R87.42
1025-3/4KGHLT RR AHQP51025-3/4KGHLT R141.32
1025-7/8G RRS AR3P51025-7/8G R73.45
1025-7/8GHLT RRS AHQP51025-7/8GHLT R82.93
1025KGC4 RRS AR3P51025KG R69.94
1030-1.1/16G RRS AR3P51030-1.1/16G R85.48
1030-1.1/4DECG RRS AR3P51030-1.1/4DECG R112.85
1030-1.1/4G RRS AR3P51030-1.1/4G R85.48
1030-1.1/4GFS RRS AR3P51030-1.1/4GFS R98.38
1030-1.1/4GHLT RRS AHQP51030-1.1/4GHLT R96.79
1030-1.1/4LSG RRS AR3P51030-1.1/4LSG R112.85
1030-1.1/8DECG RRS AR3P51030-1.1/8DECG R112.85
1030-1.1/8G RRS AR3P51030-1.1/8G R85.48
1030-1.1/8GHLT RRS AHQP51030-1.1/8GHLT R96.79
1030-1.3/16DECG RRS AR3P51030-1.3/16DECG R112.85
1030-1.3/16G RRS AR3P51030-1.3/16G R85.48
1030-1.3/16GHLT RRS AHQP51030-1.3/16GHLT R96.79
1030-1G RRS AR3P51030-1G R85.48
1030-1GFS RRS AR3P51030-1GFS R98.38
1030-1GHLT RRS AHQP51030-1GHLT R96.79
1030-1KG RR AR3P51030-1KG R123.12
1030-25G RRS AR3P51030-25G R81.46
1030-25G-2ZFS RRS AR3P51030-25G-2ZFS R112.56
1030-25GHLT RRS AHQP51030-25GHLT R92.06
1030-25KG RRS AR3P51030-25KG R117.32
1030-30DECG RRS AR3P51030-30DECG R107.55
1030-30DECGFS RRS AR3P51030-30DECGFS R123.55
1030-30G RRS AR3P51030-30G R81.46
1030-30G-2Z RRS AR3P51030-30G-2Z R97.9
1030-30G-2ZFS RRS AR3P51030-30G-2ZFS R112.56
1030-30GFS RRS AR3P51030-30GFS R93.79
1030-30GHLT RRS AHQP51030-30GHLT R92.18
1030-30LSG RRS AR3P51030-30LSG R107.55
1030KGC4 RRS AR3P51030KG R81.46
1035-1.1/4DECG RRS AR3P51035-1.1/4DECG R134.4
1035-1.1/4G RRS AR3P51035-1.1/4G R103.52
1035-1.1/4GHLT RRS AHQP51035-1.1/4GHLT R116.98
1035-1.1/4LSG RRS AR3P51035-1.1/4LSG R134.4
1035-1.1/8G RRS AR3P51035-1.1/8G R103.52
1035-1.3/16G RRS AR3P51035-1.3/16G R103.52
1035-1.3/8DECG RRS AR3P51035-1.3/8DECG R134.4
1035-1.3/8G RRS AR3P51035-1.3/8G R103.52
1035-1.3/8GHLT RRS AHQP51035-1.3/8GHLT R116.98
1035-1.7/16DECG RRS AR3P51035-1.7/16DECG R134.4
1035-1.7/16G RRS AR3P51035-1.7/16G R103.52
1035-1.7/16GHLT RRS AHQP51035-1.7/16GHLT R116.98
1035-11028 RR 51035-11028 R188.16
1035-30G RRS AR3P51035-30G R98.66
1035-30G-2ZFS RRS AR3P51035-30G-2ZFS R136.18
1035-30GHLT RRS AHQP51035-30GHLT R111.41
1035-30KG RRS AR3P51035-30KG R135.06
1035-35DECG RRS AR3P51035-35DECG R128.04
1035-35G RRS AR3P51035-35G R98.66
1035-35GFS RRS AR3P51035-35GFS R113.37
1035-35GHLT RRS AHQP51035-35GHLT R111.41
1035KGC4 RRS AR3P51035KG R98.66
1040-1.1/2DECG RRS AR3P51040-1.1/2DECG R164.17
1040-1.1/2G RRS AR3P51040-1.1/2G R123.47
1040-1.1/2GHLT RRS AHQP51040-1.1/2GHLT R139.69
1040-1.1/4KG RRS AR3P51040-1.1/4KG R164.82
1040-1.3/8G RRS AR3P51040-1.3/8G R123.47
1040-1.7/16G RRS AR3P51040-1.7/16G R123.47
1040-1.9/16G RRS AR3P51040-1.9/16G R123.47
1040-35G RRS AR3P51040-35G R117.72
1040-35G-2ZFS RRS AR3P51040-35G-2ZFS R155.54
1040-35GHLT RRS AHQP51040-35GHLT R133.12
1040-35KG RRS AR3P51040-35KG R157.07
1040-40DECG RRS AR3P51040-40DECG R156.43
1040-40G RRS AR3P51040-40G R117.72
1040-40GFS RRS AR3P51040-40GFS R135.41
1040-40GHLT RRS AHQP51040-40GHLT R133.12
1040-40LSG RRS AR3P51040-40LSG R156.43
1040KGC4 RRS AR3P51040KG R117.72
1045-1.1/2G RRS AR3P51045-1.1/2G R138
1045-1.1/2GHLT RRS AHQP51045-1.1/2GHLT R155.89
1045-1.11/16DECG RRS AR3P51045-1.11/16DECG R193.09
1045-1.11/16G RRS AR3P51045-1.11/16G R138
1045-1.11/16GHLT RRS AHQP51045-1.11/16GHLT R155.87
1045-1.3/4DECG RRS AR3P51045-1.3/4DECG R193.09
1045-1.3/4G RRS AR3P51045-1.3/4G R138
1045-1.3/4GHLT RRS AHQP51045-1.3/4GHLT R155.87
1045-1.5/8DECG RRS AR3P51045-1.5/8DECG R193.09
1045-1.5/8G RRS AR3P51045-1.5/8G R138
1045-40G RRS AR3P51045-40G R131.47
1045-40GHLT RRS AHQP51045-40GHLT R148.5
1045-40KG RRS AR3P51045-40KG R179.03
1045-45DECG RRS AR3P51045-45DECG R183.96
1045-45DECGFS RRS AR3P51045-45DECGFS R211.63
1045-45G RRS AR3P51045-45G R131.47
1045-45GFS RRS AR3P51045-45GFS R151.31
1045-45GHLT RRS AHQP51045-45GHLT R148.5
1045KGC4 RRS AR3P51045KG R131.47
1050-1.11/16G RRS AR3P51050-1.11/16G R156.46
1050-1.15/16DECG RRS AR3P51050-1.15/16DECG R210.1
1050-1.15/16G RRS AR3P51050-1.15/16G R156.46
1050-1.15/16GHLT RRS AHQP51050-1.15/16GHLT R176.77
1050-1.3/4G RRS AR3P51050-1.3/4G R156.46
1050-1.3/4GHLT RRS AHQP51050-1.3/4GHLT R176.85
1050-1.3/4KG RRS AR3P51050-1.3/4KG R210.12
1050-1.7/8G RRS AR3P51050-1.7/8G R156.46
1050-2DECG RRS AR3P51050-2DECG R205.09
1050-2G RRS AR3P51050-2G R156.46
1050-45G RRS AR3P51050-45G R149.16
1050-45GHLT RRS AHQP51050-45GHLT R164.03
1050-45KG RRS AR3P51050-45KG R200.24
1050-50DECG RRS AR3P51050-50DECG R200.18
1050-50DECGFS RRS AR3P5230.04
1050-50G RRS AR3P51050-50G R149.16
1050-50GFS RRS AR3P51050-50GFS R171.34
1050-50GHLT RRS AHQP51050-50GHLT R168.44
1050KGC4 RRS AR3P51050KG R149.16
1055-1.15/16DLG RRS AR3P51055-1.15/16DLG R290.26
1055-1.15/16G RRS AR3P51055-1.15/16G R202.94
1055-1.7/8GHLT RRS AHQP51055-1.7/8GHLT R229.27
1055-2.1/16G RRS AR3P5202.94
1055-2.1/8G RRS AR3P51055-2.1/8G R202.94
1055-2.3/16DECG RRS AR3P51055-2.3/16DECG R278.11
1055-2.3/16G RRS AR3P51055-2.3/16G R202.94
1055-2.3/16GHLT RRS AHQP51055-2.3/16GHLT R229.27
1055-2DECG RRS AR3P51055-2DECG R278.11
1055-2G RRS AR3P51055-2G R202.94
1055-2GFS RRS AR3P51055-2GFS R233.35
1055-2GHLT RRS AHQP51055-2GHLT R229.27
1055-2KG RRS AR3P51055-2KG R264.59
1055-50G RRS AR3P51055-50G R193.41
1055-50GHLT RRS AHQP51055-50GHLT R218.38
1055-50KG RRS AR3P51055-50KG R252.09
1055-55DECG RRS AR3P51055-55DECG R264.94
1055-55G RRS AR3P51055-55G R193.41
1055-55GFS RRS AR3P51055-55GFS R222.29
1055-55GHLT RRS AHQP51055-55GHLT R218.38
1055KGC4 RRS AR3P51055KG R193.41
1060-2.1/2LCG RRS AR3P51060-2.1/2LCG R367
1060-2.1/4DECG RRS AR3P51060-2.1/4DECG R373.29
1060-2.1/4G RRS AR3P51060-2.1/4G R265.89
1060-2.1/4GHLT RRS AHQP51060-2.1/4GHLT R300.26
1060-2.3/16G RRS AR3P51060-2.3/16G R265.89
1060-2.3/8G RRS AR3P51060-2.3/8G R265.89
1060-2.3/8GHLT RRS AHQP51060-2.3/8GHLT R300.26
1060-2.7/16DECG RRS AR3P51060-2.7/16DECG R373.29
1060-2.7/16G RRS AR3P51060-2.7/16G R265.89
1060-55G RRS AR3P51060-55G R253.39
1060-55GHLT RRS AHQP51060-55GHLT R286.1
1060-60DECG RRS AR3P51060-60DECG R355.69
1060-60G RRS AR3P51060-60G R253.39
1060-60GFS RRS AR3P51060-60GFS R291.38
1060-60GHLT RRS AHQP51060-60GHLT R286.1
1065-2.1/2DECG RR AR3P51065-2.1/2DECG R516.29
1065-2.1/2G RRS AR3P51065-2.1/2G R417.02
1065-60G RRS AR3P51065-60G R407.05
1065-65G RRS AR3P51065-65G R397.35
1065-65GHLT RRS AHQP51065-65GHLT R449.03
1070-2.1/2G RRS AR3P51070-2.1/2G R429.01
1070-2.1/2GHLT RRS AHQP51070-2.1/2GHLT R485.09
1070-2.11/16G RRS AR3P51070-2.11/16G R429.01
1070-2.7/16DECG RRS AR3P5516.35
1070-2.7/16G RRS AR3P51070-2.7/16G R429.01
1070-60G RRS AR3P51070-60G R408.81
1070-60GHLT RRS AHQP51070-60GHLT R462.28
1070-65DECG RRS AR3P51070-65DECG R491.9
1070-65G RRS AR3P51070-65G R408.81
1070-70DECG RRS AR3P51070-70DECG R491.9
1070-70G RRS AR3P51070-70G R408.81
1070-70GHLT RRS AHQP51070-70GHLT R462.28
1070C RR J1070CENDCAP R24.55
1075-2.11/16G RRS AR3P51075-2.11/16G R479.65
1075-2.11/16GHLT RRS AHQP51075-2.11/16GHLT R645.61
1075-2.15/16DECG RRS AR3P51075-2.15/16DECG R669.01
1075-2.15/16G RRS AR3P51075-2.15/16G R479.65
1075-2.15/16GHLT RRS AHQP51075-2.15/16GHLT R621.58
1075-2.3/4G RRS AR3P51075-2.3/4G R479.65
1075-2.3/4GHLT RRS AHQP51075-2.3/4GHLT R631.2
1075-2.5/8G RRS AR3P51075-2.5/8G R567.17
1075-2.7/8G RRS AR3P51075-2.7/8G R479.65
1075-3G RRS AR3P51075-3G R479.65
1075-65G RRS AR3P51075-65G R457.14
1075-65GHLT RRS AHQP51075-65GHLT R517.01
1075-70G RRS AR3P51075-70G R457.14
1075-70GHLT RRS AHQP51075-70GHLT R517.01
1075-75DECG RRS AR3P51075-75DECG R637.52
1075-75G RRS AR3P51075-75G R457.14
1075-75GHLT RRS AHQP51075-75GHLT R516.51
1080-2.15/16DLG RRS AR3P51080-2.15/16DLG R712.81
1080-2.15/16G RRS AR3P51080-2.15/16G R571.34
1080-2.15/16GHLT RRS AHQP51080-2.15/16GHLT R645.67
1080-3.1/4G RRS AR3P51080-3.1/4G R571.34
1080-3G RRS AR3P51080-3G R571.34
1080-3GHLT RRS AHQP51080-3GHLT R645.67
1080-75G RRS AR3P51080-75G R544.42
1080-75GHLT RRS AHQP51080-75GHLT R615.16
1080-80G RRS AR3P51080-80G R544.42
1080-80GHLT RRS AHQP51080-80GHLT R615.16
1085-3.1/4G RRS AR3P51085-3.1/4G R721.68
1085-3.3/16G RRS AR3P51085-3.3/16G R721.68
1085-3.3/8G RRS AR3P51085-3.3/8G R721.68
1085-3.7/16G RRS AR3P51085-3.7/16G R721.68
1085-80G RRS AR3P51085-80G R687.68
1085-80GHLT RRS AHQP51085-80GHLT R777.39
1085-85G RRS AR3P51085-85G R687.68
108WA 5108WA N70.8
1090-3.1/2G RRS AR3P51090-3.1/2G R872.55
1090-3.1/2GHLT RRS AHQP51090-3.1/2GHLT R958.64
1090-3.7/16G RRS AR3P51090-3.7/16G R872.55
1090-3.7/16GHLT RRS AHQP51090-3.7/16GHLT R986.04
1090-85G RRS AR3P51090-85G R831.33
1090-85GHLT RRS AHQP51090-85GHLT R939.57
1090-90G RRS AR3P51090-90G R831.33
1090-90GHLT RRS AHQP51090-90GHLT R914.54
110BAR10STYNDBCP1-01 YL1K54818.31
110BAR10STYNDBELP-01 54588.85
110BAR10STYNDBELP-01 YL1K54818.31
110BNR10STYNDBLP3 MTEX55256.31
110BNR10STYNDULP3 MTEX55256.31
1117-1/2 RRS AR3P51117-1/2 R59.92
1117-12 RRS AR3P51117-12 R59.96
1117-15 RRS AR3P51117-15 R59.96
1117-16 RRS AR3P51117-16 R59.96
1117-5/8 RRS AR3P51117-5/8 R62.97
1120-20 RRS AR3P51120-20 R59.96
1120-20CG RRS AR3P51120-20CG R65.95
1120-20DEC RRS AR3P51120-20DEC R77.84
1120-20HLT RRS AHQP51120-20HLT R67.74
1120-3/4 RRS AR3P51120-3/4 R62.97
1120-3/4CG RRS AR3P51120-3/4CG R69.16
1120-3/4DEC RRS AR3P51120-3/4DEC R85.74
1120-3/4HLT RRS AHQP51120-3/4HLT R71.13
11204TNG NN 511204TN N162
11205TNG NN 511205TN N176.41
11205TNH RN 511205TN R176.41
11206TNG NN 511206TN N206.52
11206TNH RN 511206TN R206.52
11207TNG NN 511207TN N259.17
11209TNG NN 511209TN N343.79
11209TNH RN 511209TN R343.79
11210TNG NN 511210TN N373.98
1125-1 RRS AR3P51125-1 R73.45
1125-1CG RRS AR3P51125-1CG R80.82
1125-1DEC RRS AR3P51125-1DEC R91.8
1125-25 RRS AR3P51125-25 R69.94
1125-25CG RRS AR3P51125-25CG R77.01
1125-25DEC RRS AR3P51125-25DEC R87.42
1125-7/8 RRS AR3P51125-7/8 R73.45
1125-7/8CG RRS AR3P51125-7/8CG R80.82
1130-1 RRS AR3P51130-1 R85.48
1130-1.1/4 RRS AR3P51130-1.1/4 R85.48
1130-1.1/4DEC RRS AR3P51130-1.1/4DEC R112.85
1130-1.1/8CG RRS AR3P51130-1.1/8CG R94.06
1130-1.1/8DEC RRS AR3P51130-1.1/8DEC R112.85
1130-1.3/16 RRS AR3P51130-1.3/16 R85.48
1130-1.3/16CG RRS AR3P51130-1.3/16CG R94.06
1130-25 RRS AR3P51130-25 R81.46
1130-30 RRS AR3P51130-30 R81.46
1130-30CG RRS AR3P51130-30CG R89.65
1130-30DEC RRS AR3P51130-30DEC R107.55
1130-30HLT RRS AHQP51130-30HLT R92.05
11308TNG NN 511308TN N353.4
1135-1.1/4 RRS AR3P51135-1.1/4 R103.52
1135-1.1/4CG RRS AR3P51135-1.1/4CG R113.85
1135-1.1/4DEC RRS AR3P51135-1.1/4DEC R134.4
1135-1.3/8 RRS AR3P51135-1.3/8 R103.52
1135-1.3/8CG RRS AR3P51135-1.3/8CG R113.85
1135-1.3/8DEC RRS AR3P51135-1.3/8DEC R134.4
1135-1.7/16 RRS AR3P51135-1.7/16 R103.52
1135-1.7/16CG RRS AR3P51135-1.7/16CG R113.85
1135-1.7/16DEC RRS AR3P51135-1.7/16DEC R134.4
1135-30 RRS AR3P51135-30 R98.66
1135-35 RRS AR3P51135-35 R98.66
1135-35CG RRS AR3P51135-35CG R108.45
1140-1.1/2 RRS AR3P51140-1.1/2 R123.47
1140-1.1/2CG RRS AR3P51140-1.1/2CG R136
1140-1.1/2CG-2Z RRS AR3P51140-1.1/2CG-2Z R163.12
1140-1.1/2DEC RRS AR3P51140-1.1/2DEC R164.17
1140-1.3/8 RRS AR3P51140-1.3/8 R123.47
1140-40 RRS AR3P51140-40 R117.72
1140-40CG RRS AR3P51140-40CG R129.59
1140-40DEC RRS AR3P51140-40DEC R156.43
1145-1.1/2 RRS AR3P51145-1.1/2 R138
1145-1.11/16 RRS AR3P51145-1.11/16 R138
1145-1.11/16CG RRS AR3P51145-1.11/16CG R151.84
1145-1.3/4CG RRS AR3P51145-1.3/4CG R151.84
1145-40 RRS AR3P51145-40 R131.47
1145-45 RRS AR3P51145-45 R131.47
1145-45CG RRS AR3P51145-45CG R144.65
1150-1.15/16 RRS AR3P51150-1.15/16 R156.46
1150-1.15/16CG RRS AR3P51150-1.15/16CG R172.1
1150-50 RRS AR3P51150-50 R149.16
1150-50HLT RRS AHQP51150-50HLT R168.53
11505TNG NN 511505TN N195.02
1155-2 RRS AR3P51155-2 R202.94
1155-2.3/16CG RRS AR3P51155-2.3/16CG R223.35
1155-2.3/16DEC RRS AR3P51155-2.3/16DEC R292.14
1155-2CG RRS AR3P51155-2CG R223.35
1155-55=49 RRS 5226.2
11590R/11520R 511590R/11520R N80.24
1160-2.7/16 RRS AR3P51160-2.7/16 R265.89
1160-2.7/16CG RRS AR3P51160-2.7/16CG R292.35
1160-60 RRS AR3P51160-60 R253.39
1160-60HLT RRS AHQP51160-60HLT R286.31
1170-70HLT RRS AHQP51170-70HLT R561.51
1175-2.15/16 RRS AR3P51175-2.15/16 R479.65
1175-2.15/16DEC RRS AR3P51175-2.15/16DEC R669.05
1200 51200J N93.51
1200C3 51200JC3 N93.51
1200TNH RW C 51200TN R84.94
1201 51201J N99.83
1201C3 51201JC3 N99.83
1201TNG N 51201TN N84.92
1201TNGC3 N 51201TNC3 N84.92
1202 51202J N94.77
1202C3 51202JC3 N94.77
1202TNG N 51202TN N86.14
1202TNGC3 N 51202TNC3 N86.14
1203 51203J N96.91
1203C3 51203JC3 N96.91
1203TNG N 51203TN N83.04
1203TNGC3 N 51203TNC3 N83.04
1204 5107.69
1204C3 5107.69
1204J N 51204J N107.69
1204JC3 N 51204JC3 N107.69
1204K 51204KJ N100.59
1204KTNG N 51204KTN N89.04
1204KTNGC3 N 51204KTNC3 N89.04
1204TNG N 51204TN N82.42
1204TNGC3 N 51204TNC3 N82.42
1205 51205J N114.92
1205C3 51205JC3 N114.92
1205JC4 N 5128.86
1205K 51205KJ N117.14
1205KC3 51205KJC3 N117.14
1205KTNG N 51205KTN N90.46
1205KTNGC3 N 51205KTNC3 N90.46
1205TNG N 51205TN N87.93
1205TNG N 687.93
1205TNGC3 N 51205TNC3 N87.93
1206 51206J N131.54
1206C3 51206C3 N131.54
1206J N 5131.54
1206K 51206KJ N134.05
1206KC3 51206KJC3 N134.05
1206KTNG N 51206KTN N102.56
1206KTNGC3 N 51206KTNC3 N102.56
1206TNG N 51206TN N95.14
1206TNGC3 N 51206TNC3 N95.14
1206TNHC3 RN 51206TNC3 R95.14
1207 51207J N161.31
1207C3 51207JC3 N161.31
1207K 51207KJ N161.31
1207KC3 51207KJC3 N161.31
1207KTNG N 51207KTN N117.82
1207KTNGC3 N 51207KTNC3 N117.82
1207KTNH RN 51207KTN R117.82
1207KTNHC3 RN 51207KTNC3 R117.82
1207TNG N 51207TN N116.7
1207TNGC3 N 51207TNC3 N116.7
1208 51208J N180.49
1208C3 51208JC3 N180.49
1208K 51208KJ N183.95
1208KC3 51208KJC3 N183.95
1208KTNG N 51208KTN N136.53
1208KTNGC3 N 51208KTNC3 N136.53
1208TNG N 51208TN N136.53
1208TNGC3 N 51208TNC3 N136.53
1209 51209J N196.62
1209C3 51209JC3 N196.62
1209K 51209KJ N196.62
1209KC3 51209KJC3 N196.62
1209KTNG N 51209KTN N150.08
1209KTNGC3 N 51209KTNC3 N150.08
1209KTNHC3 RN 51209KTNC3 R150.08
1209TNG N 51209TN N148.66
1209TNGC3 N 51209TNC3 N148.66
120BER10STYNDBLP3 MTEX55894.74
120BTR10STYNDBELP-01 55146.19
120KBE30+L 52225.06
1210 51210J N229.75
1210C3 51210JC3 N229.75
1210K 51210KJ N229.75
1210KC3 51210KJC3 N229.75
1210KTNG N 51210KTN N170.51
1210KTNGC3 N 51210KTNC3 N170.51
1210TNG N 51210TN N170.51
1210TNGC3 N 51210TNC3 N170.51
1211 51211J N281.11
1211C3 51211JC3 N281.11
1211K 51211KJ N281.11
1211KC3 51211KJC3 N281.11
1211KTNG N 51211KTN N208.63
1211KTNGC3 N 51211KTNC3 N208.63
1211TNG N 51211TN N212.66
1211TNGC3 N 51211TNC3 N212.66
1212 51212J N318.62
1212C3 51212JC3 N318.62
1212K 51212KJ N318.62
1212KC3 51212KJC3 N318.62
1212KTNG N 51212KTN N252.44
1212KTNGC3 N 51212KTNC3 N252.44
1212TNG N 51212TN N252.44
1212TNGC3 N 51212TNC3 N252.44
1213 51213J N384.21
1213C3 51213JC3 N384.21
1213K 51213KJ N384.21
1213KC3 51213KJC3 N384.21
1213KTNG N 51213KTN N304.41
1213KTNGC3 N 51213KTNC3 N304.41
1214 51214J N342.43
1214C3 51214JC3 N342.43
1214K 51214KJ N342.43
1214KC3 51214KJC3 N342.43
1215 51215J N388.16
1215C3 51215JC3 N388.16
1215K 51215KJ N384.45
1215KC3 51215KJC3 N384.45
1216 51216J N454.51
1216C3 51216JC3 N454.51
1216K 51216KJ N454.51
1216KC3 51216KJC3 N454.51
1217 51217J N568.28
1217-1/2ECG RRS AR3P51217-1/2ECG R66.04
1217-12ECG RRS AR3P51217-12ECG R62.87
1217-12G RRS AR3P51217-12G R60.52
1217-15EC RRS AR3P51217-15EC R62.87
1217-15ECG RRS AR3P51217-15ECG R62.87
1217-15G RRS AR3P51217-15G R59.96
1217-16ECG RRS AR3P51217-16ECG R62.87
1217-17ECG RRS AR3P51217-17ECG R62.87
1217-17G RRS AR3P51217-17G R59.96
1217-5/8EC RR AR3P51217-5/8EC R66.04
1217-5/8ECG RRS AR3P51217-5/8ECG R66.04
1217-5/8G RRS AR3P51217-5/8G R62.97
1217C3 51217JC3 N568.28
1217K 51217KJ N568.28
1217KC3 51217KJC3 N568.28
1218 51218J N683.68
1218C3 51218JC3 N683.68
1218K 51218KJ N683.68
1218KC3 51218KJC3 N683.68
1219 51219J N813.86
1219C3 5813.86
1219K 51219KJ N813.86
1219KC3 51219KJC3 N813.86
1220 51220J N966.55
1220-11007 RR 51220-11007 R68.86
1220-20 RRS AR3P559.96
1220-20EC RRS AR3P51220-20EC R62.87
1220-20ECG RRS AR3P51220-20ECG R62.87
1220-20ECGHLT RRS AHQP51220-20ECGHLT R71.13
1220-20G RRS AR3P51220-20G R59.96
1220-3/4EC RRS AR3P51220-3/4EC R66.04
1220-3/4ECG RRS AR3P51220-3/4ECG R66.04
1220-3/4G RRS AR3P51220-3/4G R62.97
1220-3/4SG RRS AR3P51220-3/4SG R66.04
1220C3 51220JC3 N966.55
1220K 51220KJ N966.55
1220KC3 51220KJC3 N966.55
1221 51221J N1189.14
1222 51222J N1336.06
1222C3 51336.06
1222K 51222KJ N1336.06
1222KC3 51222KJC3 N1336.06
1225-15/16ECG RRS AR3P51225-15/16ECG R77.07
1225-15/16G RRS AR3P51225-15/16G R73.45
1225-1EC RRS AR3P51225-1EC R77.07
1225-1ECG RRS AR3P51225-1ECG R77.07
1225-1G RRS AR3P51225-1G R73.45
1225-1GHLT RRS AHQP51225-1GHLT R82.93
1225-25 RRS AR3P51225-25 R69.94
1225-25-2Z RRF AR3PJ84.01
1225-25EC RRS AR3P51225-25EC R73.46
1225-25ECG RRS AR3P51225-25ECG R73.46
1225-25ECGHLT RRS AHQP51225-25ECGHLT R83.06
1225-25G RRS AR3P51225-25G R69.94
1225-25G-2Z RRS AR3P51225-25G-2Z R84.01
1225-25GHLT RRS AHQP51225-25GHLT R79.04
1225-25SG RR AR3P51225-25SG R73.46
1225-7/8ECG RRS AR3P51225-7/8ECG R77.07
1230-1.1/16EC RRS AR3P51230-1.1/16EC R89.82
1230-1.1/16ECG RRS AR3P51230-1.1/16ECG R89.82
1230-1.1/4EC RRS AR3P51230-1.1/4EC R89.82
1230-1.1/4ECG RRS AR3P51230-1.1/4ECG R89.82
1230-1.1/4G RRS AR3P51230-1.1/4G R85.48
1230-1.1/8ECG RRS AR3P51230-1.1/8ECG R89.82
1230-1.3/16EC RRS AR3P51230-1.3/16EC R89.82
1230-1.3/16ECG RRS AR3P51230-1.3/16ECG R89.82
1230-30-2Z RRS AR3P51230-30-2Z R97.9
1230-30EC RRS AR3P51230-30EC R85.62
1230-30ECG RRS AR3P51230-30ECG R85.62
1230-30ECGHLT RRS AHQP51230-30ECGHLT R96.76
1230-30G RRS AR3P51230-30G R81.46
1230-30G-2Z RRS AR3P51230-30G-2Z R97.9
1230-30SG RRS AR3P585.62
1235-1.1/4EC RRS AR3P51235-1.1/4EC R108.69
1235-1.1/4ECG RRS AR3P51235-1.1/4ECG R108.69
1235-1.1/4G RRS AR3P51235-1.1/4G R103.52
1235-1.3/8EC RRS AR3P51235-1.3/8EC R108.69
1235-1.3/8ECG RRS AR3P51235-1.3/8ECG R108.69
1235-1.7/16ECG RRS AR3P51235-1.7/16ECG R108.69
1235-1.7/16G RRS AR3P51235-1.7/16G R103.52
1235-35EC RRS AR3P51235-35EC R103.57
1235-35ECG RRS AR3P51235-35ECG R103.57
1235-35ECGHLT RRS AHQP51235-35ECGHLT R117.04
1235-35G RRS AR3P51235-35G R98.66
1235-35G-2Z RRS AR3P51235-35G-2Z R118.31
1235-35GHLT RRS AHQP51235-35GHLT R111.41
1240-1.1/2EC RRS AR3P51240-1.1/2EC R129.77
1240-1.1/2ECG RRS AR3P51240-1.1/2ECG R129.77
1240-1.1/2G RRS AR3P51240-1.1/2G R123.47
1240-11013 RRS 51240-11013 R140.91
1240-40-2Z RRS AR3P51240-40-2Z R141.31
1240-40EC RRS AR3P51240-40EC R123.55
1240-40ECG RRS AR3P51240-40ECG R123.55
1240-40ECGHLT RRS AHQP51240-40ECGHLT R139.74
1240-40G RRS AR3P51240-40G R117.72
1240-40GHLT RRS AHQP51240-40GHLT R133.12
1240-40SG RRS AR3P51240-40SG R123.55
1245-1.11/16ECG RRS AR3P51245-1.11/16ECG R144.91
1245-1.3/4EC RRS AR3P51245-1.3/4EC R144.91
1245-1.3/4ECG RRS AR3P51245-1.3/4ECG R144.91
1245-1.5/8ECG RRS AR3P51245-1.5/8ECG R144.91
1245-45EC RRS AR3P5138.05
1245-45ECG RRS AR3P51245-45ECG R138.05
1245-45G RRS AR3P51245-45G R131.47
1250-1.15/16ECG RRS AR3P51250-1.15/16ECG R164.21
1250-2ECG RRS AR3P51250-2ECG R164.21
1250-50-2Z RRS AR3P51250-50-2Z R178.86
1250-50ECG RRS AR3P51250-50ECG R156.45
1250-50ECGHLT RRS AHQP51250-50ECGHLT R176.85
1250-50G RRS AR3P51250-50G R149.16
1255-2EC RRS AR3P5213.05
1255-2ECG RRS AR3P51255-2ECG R213.05
1255-55ECG RRS AR3P51255-55ECG R202.96
126 5126 N65.95
126 665.95
126C3 565.95
126TNH RW 5126TN R65.95
127WA 5127WA N65.79
129TNH RW 5129TN R74.48
129WA 5129WA N74.48
1300 51300J N90.01
1301 51301J N119.11
1301C3 51301JC3 N119.11
1302 51302J N117.71
1302C3 51302JC3 N117.71
1302TN N 51302TN N102.42
1302TN RN 51302TN R102.42
1302TNC3 N 51302TNC3 N102.42
1303 51303J N127.9
1303C3 51303JC3 N127.9
1303TN N 51303TN N101.26
1303TNC3 N 51303TNC3 N101.26
1304 51304J N134.45
1304C3 51304JC3 N134.45
1304K 51304KJ N137.05
1304TNG N 51304TN N105.54
1304TNGC3 N 51304TNC3 N105.54
1305 51305J N155.1
1305C3 51305JC3 N155.1
1305K 51305KJ N158.05
1305KC3 51305KJC3 N158.05
1305KTNG N 51305KTN N126.52
1305KTNGC3 N 51305KTNC3 N126.52
1305TNG N 51305TN N122.93
1305TNGC3 N 51305TNC3 N122.93
1306 51306J N195.46
1306C3 51306JC3 N195.46
1306K 51306KJ N195.46
1306KC3 51306KJC3 N195.46
1306KTNG N 51306KTN N156.34
1306KTNGC3 N 51306KTNC3 N156.34
1306TNG N 51306TN N151.89
1306TNGC3 N 51306TNC3 N151.89
1307 51307J N222.47
1307C3 51307JC3 N222.47
1307K 51307KJ N222.47
1307KC3 51307KJC3 N222.47
1307KTNG N 51307KTN N181.34
1307KTNGC3 N 51307KTNC3 N181.34
1307TNG N 51307TN N176.25
1307TNGC3 N 51307TNC3 N176.25
1308 51308J N271.26
1308C3 51308JC3 N271.26
1308K 51308KJ N271.26
1308KC3 51308KJC3 N271.26
1308KTNG N 51308KTN N221.19
1308KTNGC3 N 51308KTNC3 N221.19
1308TNG N 51308TN N214.93
1308TNGC3 N 51308TNC3 N214.93
1309 51309J N339.48
1309C3 51309JC3 N339.48
1309K 51309KJ N339.48
1309KC3 51309KJC3 N339.48
1309KTNG N 51309KTN N271.56
1309KTNGC3 N 51309KTNC3 N271.56
1309KTNHC3 RN 51309KTNC3 R271.56
1309TNG N 51309TN N266.45
1309TNGC3 N 51309TNC3 N266.45
130BNR10STYNDBLP4 56801.95
1310 51310J N416.59
1310C3 51310JC3 N416.59
1310K 51310KJ N416.59
1310KC3 51310KJC3 N416.59
1310KTNG N 51310KTN N333.21
1310KTNGC3 N 51310KTNC3 N333.21
1310TNG N 51310TN N330.04
1310TNGC3 N 51310TNC3 N330.04
1311 51311J N496.77
1311C3 51311JC3 N496.77
1311K 51311KJ N496.77
1311KC3 51311KJC3 N496.77
1311KTNG N 51311KTN N393.62
1311KTNGC3 N 51311KTNC3 N393.62
1311TNG N 51311TN N393.62
1311TNGC3 N 51311TNC3 N393.62
1312 51312J N488.92
1312C3 51312JC3 N488.92
1312K 51312KJ N493.63
1312KC3 51312KJC3 N493.63
1313 51313J N675.08
1313C3 51313JC3 N675.08
1313K 51313KJ N675.08
1313KC3 51313KJC3 N675.08
1314 51314J N768.87
1314C3 51314JC3 N768.87
1314KC3 51314KJC3 N768.87
1315 51315J N903.48
1315C3 51315JC3 N903.48
1315K 51315KJ N903.48
1315KC3 51315KJC3 N903.48
1315MC4 51590.14
1316 51316J N1037.2
1316C3 51316JC3 N1037.2
1316K 51316KJ N1037.2
1316KC3 51316KJC3 N1037.2
1317 51317J N1356.06
1317-15EC RRS AR3P51317-15EC R62.87
1317-17EC RRS AR3P51317-17EC R62.87
1317-5/8EC RRS AR3P51317-5/8EC R66.04
1317C3 51317JC3 N1356.06
1317K 51317KJ N1356.06
1317KC3 51317KJC3 N1356.06
1318 51318J N1435.39
1318C3 51318JC3 N1435.39
1318K *51318KJ N1435.39
1318KC3 51318KJC3 N1435.39
1319 51319J N2080.59
1319K 51319KJ N2080.59
1319KC3 51319KJC3 N2080.59
1320 51320J N2570.16
1320-20EC RRS AR3P51320-20EC R62.87
1320-3/4 RRS AR3P51320-3/4 R62.97
1320-3/4EC RRS AR3P51320-3/4EC R66.04
1320K 51320KJ N2570.16
1320KC3 51320KJC3 N2570.16
1322 51322J N5259.88
1322K 51322KJ N5259.88
1325-1 RRS AR3P51325-1 R73.45
1325-1EC RRS AR3P51325-1EC R77.07
1325-1EC-2Z RRS AR3P51325-1EC-2Z R92.54
1325-25 RRS AR3P51325-25 R69.94
1325-25EC RRS AR3P51325-25EC R73.46
1325-25EC-2Z RRS AR3P51325-25EC-2Z R88.27
1325-7/8EC RRS AR3P51325-7/8EC R77.07
1330-1.1/4EC RRS AR3P51330-1.1/4EC R89.82
1330-1.1/8EC RRS AR3P51330-1.1/8EC R89.82
1330-1.3/16EC RRS AR3P51330-1.3/16EC R89.82
1330-30EC RRS AR3P51330-30EC R85.62
1335-1.1/4EC RRS AR3P51335-1.1/4EC R108.69
1335-1.7/16EC RRS AR3P51335-1.7/16EC R108.69
1335-35EC RRS AR3P51335-35EC R103.57
1335-35EC-2Z RRS AR3P51335-35EC-2Z R124.26
1340-1.1/2EC RRS AR3P51340-1.1/2EC R129.77
1340-40EC RRS AR3P51340-40EC R123.55
1345-45EC RRS AR3P51345-45EC R138.05
135 669.12
1350-1.15/16EC RRS AR3P51350-1.15/16EC R164.21
1350-50EC RRS AR3P51350-50EC R156.45
140TAC20XPN7+LC6 5140TAC20XPN7+LC6 N6814.23
14138ARG/14276RG 514138ARG/14276RG N67.96
150BAR10STYNDBELP-01 YL1K58806.27
150BAR10STYNDBLP4A 58386.95
150TAC20XPN7+LC6 5150TAC20XPN7+LC6 N7966.27
15101R/15245R 515101R/15245R N82.84
15123R/15245R 515123R/15245R N61.83
16001 516001 N30.8
16002C3 516002C3 N30.84
16002CM 516002 N30.84
16003 531.83
16003C3 516003C3 N31.83
16003C3 631.83
16003CM 516003 N31.83
16004 533.21
16004C3 516004C3 N33.21
16004CM 516004 N33.21
16004CM 633.21
16005 536.51
16005 AS2S636.51
16005C3 516005C3 N36.51
16005CM 536.51
16005CM 636.51
16006 548.17
16006C3 516006C3 N48.17
16006CM 548.17
16006CM 648.17
16007 549.33
16007C3 516007C3 N49.33
16007CM 516007 N49.33
16007CM 649.33
16008 516008 N57.29
16008 657.29
16008C3 516008C3 N57.29
16009 516009 N78.46
16009 678.46
16009C3 516009C3 N78.46
16010 516010 N84.4
16010-2Z NN AR3N598.96
16010C3 516010C3 N84.4
16011 516011 N114.75
16011C3 516011C3 N114.75
16012 516012 N130.7
16012 6130.7
16012 NN J130.7
16012C3 516012C3 N130.7
16013 516013 N152.1
16013 6152.1
16013C3 516013C3 N152.1
16014 516014 N186.06
16014C3 516014C3 N186.06
16015 516015 N206.85
16015C3 516015C3 N206.85
16016 516016 N242.2
16016C3 516016C3 N242.2
16016J RN 516016 R244.3
16017 516017 N264.45
16017C3 516017C3 N264.45
16018 516018 N303.26
16018C3 516018C3 N303.26
16019 516019 N364.15
16020 516020 N374.99
16020C3 516020C3 N374.99
16020J RN 516020 R378.26
16021 516021 N453.89
16021C3 516021C3 N453.89
16022 516022 N525.41
16022C3 516022C3 N525.41
16024 516024 N613.8
16024C3 516024C3 N613.8
16026 516026 N833.82
16026C3 516026C3 N833.82
16028M 516028M N1877.38
16030 516030 N1165.88
16030C3 516030JC3 N1165.88
16030M 516030M N1865.32
16030MC3 516030MC3 N1865.32
16032M 516032M N2192.65
16034M 516034M N2658.51
16036M 516036M N2895.9
16036MC3 516036MC3 N2895.9
16038M 516038M N3187.61
16040M 516040M N3314.83
16040MC3 516040MC3 N3314.83
16044M 516044M N4208
16048M 516048M N6496.89
16060M 516060M N21185.27
16100 516100 N32.39
16100 632.39
16100-2RSRY RW D8SS516100-2RS R42.55
16100-2ZRY RW D8SS516100-2Z R36.59
16101 516101 N32.36
16101-2RSRY RW D8SS516101-2RS R42.32
16101-2ZRY RW D8SS516101-2Z R37.67
1640-40G RRS AR3P51640-40G R135.81
1720-20 RRS AR3P51720-20 R61.25
1726203-2RS RRS AR3P51726203-2RS R38.94
1726204-2RS RRS AR3P51726204-2RS R42.48
1726205-2RS RRS AR3P51726205-2RS R48.27
1726206-2RS RRS AR3P51726206-2RS R60.42
1726207-2RS RRS AR3P51726207-2RS R74.71
1726208-2RS RRS AR3P51726208-2RS R93.65
1726208-2RS=1 RRS 51726208-2RS=1 R232.43
1726209-2RS RRS AR3P51726209-2RS R106.61
1726210-2RS RRS AR3P51726210-2RS R119.61
17887R/17831R 517887R/17831R N186.81
17887R/831RNES4B** 517887/831RNES4B N186.81
17TAC47BDBC9PN7A AS2S5853.24
17TAC47BSUC10PN7B 517TAC47BSUC10PN7B N426.63
180TAC20XPN7+LC6 5180TAC20XPN7+LC6 N17770.9
18590R/18520R 518590R/18520R N105.3
18690R/18620R 518690R/18620R N71.03
1988R/1922R 51988R/1922R N96.9
1988R/1922R 696.9
200BDZ09XE4 57170.17
200BDZ09XE4C3 57170.17
20P RRS P20P R11.94
20TAC47BDBC10PN7A 520TAC47BDBC10PN7A N853.24
20TAC47BSUC10PN7B 5426.63
20TAC47BSUC10PN7B AS2S520TAC47BSUC10PN7B N426.63
21304CDE4C3S11 521304CDE4C3 N259.59
21304CDE4S11 521304CDE4 N259.59
21305CDE4C3S11 521305CDE4C3 N239.89
21305CDE4S11 521305CDE4 N239.89
21305CDE4S11 ** 239.89
21305CDKE4C3S11 521305CDKE4C3 N251.72
21305CDKE4C3S11 ** 251.72
21305CDKE4S11 521305CDKE4 N251.72
21305J+11 RP 521305J R239.89
21305JC3+11 RP 521305JC3 R239.89
21306CDE4C3S11 521306CDE4C3 N272.43
21306CDE4S11 521306CDE4 N272.43
21306CDE4S11 ** 272.43
21306CDKE4C3S11 521306CDKE4C3 N285.82
21306CDKE4S11 521306CDKE4 N285.82
21306J+11 RP 521306J R272.43
21306JC3+11 RP 521306JC3 R272.43
21307CDE4C3S11 521307CDE4C3 N297.92
21307CDE4S11 521307CDE4 N297.92
21307CDKE4C3S11 521307CDKE4C3 N312.55
21307CDKE4C3S11 ** 312.55
21307CDKE4S11 521307CDKE4 N312.55
21307CDKE4S11 ** 312.55
21307J+11 RP 521307J R297.92
21307JC3+11 RP 521307JC3 R297.92
21308EAE4 *H* 521308EAE4 N324.79
21308EAE4C3 5324.79
21308EAE4C3 *H* 521308EAE4C3 N324.79
21308EAKE4 *H* 521308EAKE4 N342.56
21308EAKE4C3 *H* 521308EAKE4C3 N342.56
21308EAKE4C3 ***H* 342.56
21308J+11 RP 521308J R324.79
21308JC3+11 RP 521308JC3 R324.79
21308KJ+11 RP 521308KJ R342.56
21308KJC3+11 RP 521308KJC3 R342.56
21309EAE4 *H* 521309EAE4 N348.87
21309EAE4 ***H* 348.87
21309EAE4C3 *H* 521309EAE4C3 N348.87
21309EAKE4 *H* 521309EAKE4 N366.07
21309EAKE4 ***H* 366.07
21309EAKE4C3 *H* 521309EAKE4C3 N366.07
21309J+11 RP 521309J R348.87
21309JC3+11 RP 521309JC3 R348.87
21309KJ+11 RP 521309KJ R366.07
21309KJC3+11 RP 521309KJC3 R366.07
21310EAE4 *H* 521310EAE4 N401.07
21310EAE4C3 *H* 521310EAE4C3 N401.07
21310EAKE4 *H* 521310EAKE4 N420.81
21310EAKE4 ***H* 420.81
21310EAKE4C3 *H* 521310EAKE4C3 N420.81
21310J+11 RP 521310J R401.07
21310JC3+11 RP 521310JC3 R401.07
21310KJ+11 RP 521310KJ R420.81
21310KJC3+11 RP 521310KJC3 R420.81
21311EAE4 *H* 521311EAE4 N469.28
21311EAE4 ***H* 469.28
21311EAE4C3 *H* 521311EAE4C3 N469.28
21311EAKE4 *H* 521311EAKE4 N483.12
21311EAKE4 ***H* 483.12
21311EAKE4C3 *H* 521311EAKE4C3 N483.12
21311EAKE4C3 ***H* 483.12
21311J+11 RP 521311J R469.28
21311JC3+11 RP 521311JC3 R469.28
21311KJ+11 RP 521311KJ R483.12
21311KJC3+11 RP 521311KJC3 R483.12
21312EAE4 *H* 521312EAE4 N529.61
21312EAE4C3 *H* 521312EAE4C3 N529.61
21312EAKE4 *H* 521312EAKE4 N555.72
21312EAKE4C3 *H* 521312EAKE4C3 N555.72
21312J+11 RP 521312J R529.61
21312JC3+11 RP 521312JC3 R529.61
21312KJ+11 RP 521312KJ R555.72
21312KJC3+11 RP 521312KJC3 R555.72
21313EAE4 *H* 521313EAE4 N621.52
21313EAE4C3 *H* 521313EAE4C3 N621.52
21313EAKE4 *H* 521313EAKE4 N639.87
21313EAKE4 ***H* 639.87
21313EAKE4C3 *H* 521313EAKE4C3 N639.87
21313J+11 RP 521313J R621.52
21313JC3+11 RP 521313JC3 R621.52
21313KJ+11 RP 521313KJ R639.87
21313KJC3+11 RP 521313KJC3 R639.87
21314EAE4 *H* 521314EAE4 N735.23
21314EAE4C3 *H* 521314EAE4C3 N735.23
21314EAE4C4 *H* 521314EAE4C4 N824.23
21314EAKE4 *H* 521314EAKE4 N752.88
21314EAKE4 ***H* 752.88
21314EAKE4C3 *H* 521314EAKE4C3 N752.88
21314EAKE4C3 ***H* 752.88
21314J+11 RP 521314J R735.23
21314JC3+11 RP 521314JC3 R735.23
21314KJ+11 RP 521314KJ R752.88
21314KJC3+11 RP 521314KJC3 R752.88
21315EAE4 *H* 521315EAE4 N800.11
21315EAE4 ***H* 800.11
21315EAE4C3 *H* 521315EAE4C3 N800.11
21315EAKE4 *H* 521315EAKE4 N839.52
21315EAKE4C3 *H* 521315EAKE4C3 N839.52
21315J+11 RP 521315J R800.11
21315JC3+11 RP 521315JC3 R800.11
21315KJ+11 RP 521315KJ R839.52
21315KJC3+11 RP 521315KJC3 R839.52
21316EAE4 *H* 521316EAE4 N901.08
21316EAE4 ***H* 901.08
21316EAE4C3 *H* 521316EAE4C3 N901.08
21316EAKE4 *H* 521316EAKE4 N945.43
21316EAKE4 ***H* 945.43
21316EAKE4C3 *H* 521316EAKE4C3 N945.43
21316J+11 RP 521316J R901.08
21316JC3+11 RP 521316JC3 R901.08
21316KJ+11 RP 521316KJ R945.43
21316KJC3+11 RP 521316KJC3 R945.43
21317EAE4 *H* 521317EAE4 N1021.6
21317EAE4 ***H* 1021.6
21317EAE4C3 *H* 521317EAE4C3 N1021.6
21317EAKE4 *H* 521317EAKE4 N1041.44
21317EAKE4 ***H* 1041.44
21317EAKE4C3 *H* 521317EAKE4C3 N1041.44
21317KM+11 RP 521317KM R1041.44
21317KMC3+11 RP 521317KMC3 R1041.44
21317M+11 RP 521317M R1021.6
21317MC3+11 RP 521317MC3 R1021.6
21318EAE4 *H* 521318EAE4 N1163.67
21318EAE4C3 *H* 521318EAE4C3 N1163.67
21318EAKE4 *H* 521318EAKE4 N1163.67
21318EAKE4C3 *H* 521318EAKE4C3 N1163.67
21318KM+11 RP 521318KM R1163.67
21318KMC3+11 RP 521318KMC3 R1163.67
21318M+11 RP 521318M R1163.67
21318MC3+11 RP 521318MC3 R1163.67
21319CAME4C3 521319CAME4C3 N1394.35
21319CE4C3S11 521319CE4C3 N1394.35
21319CE4S11 521319CE4 N1394.35
21319CKE4 521319CKE4 N1421.44
21319CKE4C3 521319CKE4C3 N1421.44
21320CAME4C3S11 521320CAME4C3 N1631.79
21320CAME4S11 521320CAME4 N1631.79
21320CAMKE4 51647.94
21320CAMKE4C3S11 521320CAMKE4C3 N1647.94
21320CAMKE4S11 521320CAMKE4 N1647.94
21322CAME4C3S11 521322CAME4C3 N2292.57
21322CAME4S11 521322CAME4 N2292.57
2200 52200J N86.73
2200 686.73
2200C3 52200JC3 N86.73
2200TNH RW 52200TN R86.73
2201 52201J N106.96
2201-2RSTNG N YRLN52201-2RSTN N104.35
2201-2RSTNGC3 N YRLN52201-2RSTNC3 N104.35
2201-2RSTNH RN YRLN52201-2RSTN R104.35
2201C3 5105.94
2201ETNG N 52201ETN N94.5
2201M 52201M N171.84
2201MC3 52201MC3 N171.84