SKF Power Transmission Price List 2013

All prices shown are Manufacturer Recommended Prices, which Acorn will be able to discount. Please contact Acorn for pricing

PHC 04B-1C/L1.51
PHC 04B-1DR-C/L3.91
PHC 04B-1DR-O/L7.36
PHC 04B-1DRX10FT114.43
PHC 04B-1DRX5MTR187.68
PHC 04B-1NP-C/L1.80
PHC 04B-1NP-O/L3.60
PHC 04B-1NPX10FT157.82
PHC 04B-1O/L2.70
PHC 04B-1SS-C/L12.76
PHC 04B-1SS-O/L25.83
PHC 04B-1SSX10FT686.45
PHC 04B-1SSX5MTR1126.05
PHC 04B-1X10FT94.46
PHC 04B-1X5MTR154.92
PHC 04B-1ZP-C/L2.54
PHC 04B-1ZP-O/L5.41
PHC 04B-1ZPX10FT162.81
PHC 04B-2DR-C/L7.36
PHC 04B-2DR-O/L14.86
PHC 04B-2DRX10FT228.95
PHC 04B-2DRX5MTR375.59
PHC 04B-2NP-C/L3.60
PHC 04B-2NP-O/L7.22
PHC 04B-2NPX10FT315.53
PHC 04B-2SS-C/L25.83
PHC 04B-2SS-O/L51.36
PHC 04B-2SSX10FT1373.00
PHC 04B-2SSX5MTR2252.20
PHC 04B-2ZP-C/L5.41
PHC 04B-2ZP-O/L10.52
PHC 04B-2ZPX10FT325.59
PHC 05B-1C/L1.51
PHC 05B-1DR-C/L3.91
PHC 05B-1DR-O/L7.36
PHC 05B-1DRX10FT101.31
PHC 05B-1DRX5MTR166.14
PHC 05B-1NP-C/L1.80
PHC 05B-1NP-O/L3.60
PHC 05B-1NPX10FT124.59
PHC 05B-1O/L2.70
PHC 05B-1SS-C/L9.90
PHC 05B-1SS-O/L19.97
PHC 05B-1SSX10FT457.60
PHC 05B-1SSX5MTR750.67
PHC 05B-1X10FT80.67
PHC 05B-1X5MTR132.34
PHC 05B-1ZP-C/L2.54
PHC 05B-1ZP-O/L5.41
PHC 05B-1ZPX10FT127.13
PHC 05B-2C/L3.00
PHC 05B-2DR-C/L7.36
PHC 05B-2DR-O/L14.86
PHC 05B-2DRX10FT202.43
PHC 05B-2DRX5MTR332.10
PHC 05B-2NP-C/L3.60
PHC 05B-2NP-O/L7.22
PHC 05B-2NPX10FT249.07
PHC 05B-2O/L5.41
PHC 05B-2SS-C/L19.97
PHC 05B-2SS-O/L40.10
PHC 05B-2SSX10FT915.39
PHC 05B-2SSX5MTR1501.65
PHC 05B-2X10FT161.32
PHC 05B-2X5MTR264.68
PHC 05B-2ZP-C/L5.41
PHC 05B-2ZP-O/L10.52
PHC 05B-2ZPX10FT254.16
PHC 05B-3C/L4.65
PHC 05B-3O/L9.16
PHC 05B-3X10FT244.11
PHC 05B-3X5MTR400.42
PHC 06B-1C/L1.20
PHC 06B-1DR-C/L1.80
PHC 06B-1DR-O/L3.60
PHC 06B-1DRX10FT79.07
PHC 06B-1DRX5MTR129.67
PHC 06B-1NP-C/L1.36
PHC 06B-1NP-O/L2.25
PHC 06B-1NPX10FT70.01
PHC 06B-1NPX5MTR104.92
PHC 06B-1O/L2.11
PHC 06B-1SLR-C/L1.91
PHC 06B-1SLR-O/L3.82
PHC 06B-1SLRX10FT318.94
PHC 06B-1SS-C/L4.65
PHC 06B-1SS-O/L9.02
PHC 06B-1SSX10FT295.01
PHC 06B-1SSX5MTR483.91
PHC 06B-1X10FT54.41
PHC 06B-1X25FT134.57
PHC 06B-1X5MTR89.26
PHC 06B-1ZP-C/L1.51
PHC 06B-1ZP-O/L2.85
PHC 06B-1ZPX10FT63.10
PHC 06B-2C/L2.25
PHC 06B-2DR-C/L3.60
PHC 06B-2DR-O/L6.91
PHC 06B-2DRX10FT158.23
PHC 06B-2DRX5MTR259.53
PHC 06B-2NP-C/L2.25
PHC 06B-2NP-O/L4.79
PHC 06B-2NPX10FT139.93
PHC 06B-2O/L4.21
PHC 06B-2SS-C/L9.02
PHC 06B-2SS-O/L17.87
PHC 06B-2SSX10FT589.91
PHC 06B-2SSX5MTR967.73
PHC 06B-2X10FT106.18
PHC 06B-2X5MTR174.23
PHC 06B-2ZP-C/L2.85
PHC 06B-2ZP-O/L5.57
PHC 06B-2ZPX10FT126.12
PHC 06B-3C/L3.91
PHC 06B-3O/L6.77
PHC 06B-3X10FT169.57
PHC 06B-3X5MTR278.12
PHC 08B-1A1C/L1.60
PHC 08B-1C/L1.51
PHC 08B-1DR-C/L2.54
PHC 08B-1DR-O/L5.41
PHC 08B-1DRX100FT610.44
PHC 08B-1DRX10FT97.55
PHC 08B-1DRX5MTR160.05
PHC 08B-1HPX20MTR520.30
PHC 08B-1NP-C/L2.11
PHC 08B-1NP-O/L4.35
PHC 08B-1NPX10FT85.67
PHC 08B-1O/L2.70
PHC 08B-1SBF1-O/L9.90
PHC 08B-1SBF1X10FT230.17
PHC 08B-1SBX10FT190.74
PHC 08B-1SBX5MTR281.90
PHC 08B-1SLR-C/L6.46
PHC 08B-1SLRF1X10FT385.96
PHC 08B-1SLRF1X5MTR633.10
PHC 08B-1SLR-O/L18.16
PHC 08B-1SLRX10FT366.95
PHC 08B-1SLRX5MTR601.90
PHC 08B-1SS-C/L5.57
PHC 08B-1SS-O/L11.56
PHC 08B-1SSX10FT320.41
PHC 08B-1SSX5MTR525.58
PHC 08B-1X100FT521.82
PHC 08B-1X10FT57.81
PHC 08B-1X25FT143.23
PHC 08B-1X5MTR94.85
PHC 08B-1ZP-C/L1.80
PHC 08B-1ZP-O/L3.60
PHC 08B-1ZPX10FT73.99
PHC 08B-2C/L3.00
PHC 08B-2DR-C/L5.41
PHC 08B-2DR-O/L10.52
PHC 08B-2DRX10FT195.11
PHC 08B-2DRX5MTR320.10
PHC 08B-2NP-C/L4.35
PHC 08B-2NP-O/L8.41
PHC 08B-2NPX10FT171.23
PHC 08B-2O/L5.41
PHC 08B-2SLR-C/L4.98
PHC 08B-2SLR-O/L14.85
PHC 08B-2SLRX10FT634.42
PHC 08B-2SS-C/L11.56
PHC 08B-2SS-O/L22.98
PHC 08B-2SSX10FT640.72
PHC 08B-2SSX5MTR1051.06
PHC 08B-2X100FT703.94
PHC 08B-2X10FT112.77
PHC 08B-2X25FT281.00
PHC 08B-2X5MTR185.02
PHC 08B-2ZP-C/L3.60
PHC 08B-2ZP-O/L7.22
PHC 08B-2ZPX10FT147.86
PHC 08B-3C/L4.79
PHC 08B-3O/L8.71
PHC 08B-3X10FT180.26
PHC 08B-3X5MTR295.69
PHC 08BH-1X10FT61.86
PHC 100-1C/L9.02
PHC 100-1CX10FT309.73
PHC 100-1CX5MTR497.26
PHC 100-1DR-C/L21.18
PHC 100-1DR-O/L42.19
PHC 100-1DRX10FT526.60
PHC 100-1DRX5MTR863.88
PHC 100-1NP-C/L15.77
PHC 100-1NP-O/L31.99
PHC 100-1NPX10FT427.42
PHC 100-1O/L18.02
PHC 100-1SLR-C/L16.70
PHC 100-1SLR-O/L50.31
PHC 100-1SLRX10FT1017.03
PHC 100-1SLRX5MTR1668.30
PHC 100-1SS-C/L64.28
PHC 100-1SS-O/L128.40
PHC 100-1SSX10FT1322.09
PHC 100-1SSX5MTR2168.78
PHC 100-1X10FT304.05
PHC 100-1X5MTR498.75
PHC 100-1ZP-C/L11.56
PHC 100-1ZP-O/L22.98
PHC 100-1ZPX10FT345.61
PHC 100-2C/L18.00
PHC 100-2CX10FT619.38
PHC 100-2DR-C/L42.19
PHC 100-2DR-O/L84.55
PHC 100-2DRX10FT1053.29
PHC 100-2DRX5MTR1727.85
PHC 100-2NP-C/L31.99
PHC 100-2NP-O/L63.82
PHC 100-2NPX10FT855.03
PHC 100-2O/L36.20
PHC 100-2SS-C/L128.40
PHC 100-2SS-O/L257.10
PHC 100-2SSX10FT2644.27
PHC 100-2SSX5MTR4337.67
PHC 100-2X10FT608.10
PHC 100-2X5MTR997.50
PHC 100-2ZP-C/L22.98
PHC 100-2ZP-O/L45.65
PHC 100-2ZPX10FT691.32
PHC 100-3C/L28.98
PHC 100-3CX10FT991.00
PHC 100-3O/L57.82
PHC 100-3X10FT972.09
PHC 100-3X5MTR1594.62
PHC 100-4X10FT913.26
PHC 100H-1C/L11.42
PHC 100H-1CX10FT389.31
PHC 100H-1O/L22.98
PHC 100H-1X10FT364.81
PHC 100H-1X5MTR598.44
PHC 100H-2C/L23.43
PHC 100H-2CX10FT778.61
PHC 100H-2O/L47.31
PHC 100H-2X10FT707.89
PHC 100H-2X5MTR1161.21
PHC 100H-3C/L37.84
PHC 100H-3CX10FT1245.86
PHC 100H-3O/L75.54
PHC 100H-3X10FT1132.56
PHC 100H-3X5MTR1857.82
PHC 100SH-1C/L14.91
PHC 100SH-1O/L30.01
PHC 100SH-1X10FT500.99
PHC 100SH-1X5MTR821.81
PHC 100SHH-1C/L23.34
PHC 100SHH-1X10FT474.34
PHC 100SHH-2C/L46.61
PHC 100SHH-2X10FT948.67
PHC 100SPH-1C/L20.87
PHC 100SPH-1X10FT472.88
PHC 100SPH-2C/L41.72
PHC 100SPH-2X10FT846.79
PHC 10B-1C/L1.80
PHC 10B-1DR-C/L3.30
PHC 10B-1DR-O/L6.61
PHC 10B-1DRX100FT1368.45
PHC 10B-1DRX10FT137.59
PHC 10B-1DRX5MTR225.71
PHC 10B-1HPDRX100FT1311.45
PHC 10B-1HPX5MTR130.52
PHC 10B-1NP-C/L3.00
PHC 10B-1NP-O/L6.16
PHC 10B-1NPX10FT113.10
PHC 10B-1O/L3.91
PHC 10B-1SBX10FT309.94
PHC 10B-1SLRF1X10FT463.38
PHC 10B-1SLRF1X5MTR760.12
PHC 10B-1SLRX10FT353.49
PHC 10B-1SS-C/L9.90
PHC 10B-1SS-O/L19.97
PHC 10B-1SSX10FT442.35
PHC 10B-1SSX5MTR725.67
PHC 10B-1X100FT920.19
PHC 10B-1X10FT71.61
PHC 10B-1X25FT177.90
PHC 10B-1X25MTR417.04
PHC 10B-1X5MTR117.43
PHC 10B-1ZP-C/L2.25
PHC 10B-1ZP-O/L4.65
PHC 10B-1ZPX10FT97.45
PHC 10B-2C/L3.60
PHC 10B-2DR-C/L6.61
PHC 10B-2DR-O/L13.07
PHC 10B-2DRX10FT274.97
PHC 10B-2DRX5MTR451.09
PHC 10B-2NP-C/L6.16
PHC 10B-2NP-O/L12.31
PHC 10B-2NPX10FT226.20
PHC 10B-2O/L7.81
PHC 10B-2SS-C/L19.97
PHC 10B-2SS-O/L40.10
PHC 10B-2SSX10FT884.71
PHC 10B-2SSX5MTR1451.24
PHC 10B-2X100FT1432.30
PHC 10B-2X10FT144.04
PHC 10B-2X5MTR236.33
PHC 10B-2ZP-C/L4.65
PHC 10B-2ZP-O/L9.16
PHC 10B-2ZPX10FT194.70
PHC 10B-3C/L5.71
PHC 10B-3O/L12.61
PHC 10B-3X10FT230.48
PHC 10B-3X5MTR378.08
PHC 120-1C/L18.02
PHC 120-1CX10FT459.12
PHC 120-1DR-C/L38.30
PHC 120-1DR-O/L76.88
PHC 120-1DRX10FT771.19
PHC 120-1DRX5MTR1265.08
PHC 120-1NP-C/L31.39
PHC 120-1NP-O/L62.77
PHC 120-1NPX10FT627.72
PHC 120-1O/L36.50
PHC 120-1SS-C/L88.61
PHC 120-1SS-O/L176.90
PHC 120-1SSX10FT2098.97
PHC 120-1SSX5MTR3443.09
PHC 120-1X10FT451.60
PHC 120-1X5MTR740.81
PHC 120-1ZP-C/L20.43
PHC 120-1ZP-O/L40.85
PHC 120-1ZPX10FT613.69
PHC 120-2C/L36.14
PHC 120-2CX10FT918.25
PHC 120-2DR-C/L76.88
PHC 120-2DR-O/L153.48
PHC 120-2DRX10FT1542.40
PHC 120-2DRX5MTR2530.15
PHC 120-2NP-C/L62.77
PHC 120-2NP-O/L125.84
PHC 120-2NPX10FT1255.62
PHC 120-2O/L72.83
PHC 120-2SLRX10FT1638.24
PHC 120-2SS-C/L177.21
PHC 120-2SS-O/L354.11
PHC 120-2SSX10FT4197.83
PHC 120-2SSX5MTR6886.10
PHC 120-2X10FT902.28
PHC 120-2X5MTR1480.10
PHC 120-2ZP-C/L40.85
PHC 120-2ZP-O/L81.40
PHC 120-2ZPX10FT1227.58
PHC 120-3C/L57.82
PHC 120-3CX10FT1469.13
PHC 120-3O/L116.68
PHC 120-3X10FT1444.23
PHC 120-3X5MTR2369.08
PHC 120H-1C/L23.43
PHC 120H-1CX10FT577.10
PHC 120H-1O/L47.31
PHC 120H-1X10FT486.67
PHC 120H-1X5MTR798.39
PHC 120H-2C/L47.31
PHC 120H-2CX10FT1154.41
PHC 120H-2O/L94.16
PHC 120H-2X10FT1049.33
PHC 120H-2X5MTR1721.34
PHC 120H-3C/L75.39
PHC 120H-3CX10FT1847.04
PHC 120H-3O/L150.93
PHC 120H-3X10FT1679.07
PHC 120H-3X5MTR2754.33
PHC 120SH-1C/L31.55
PHC 120SH-1O/L63.72
PHC 120SH-1X10FT742.85
PHC 120SH-1X5MTR1218.53
PHC 120SHH-1C/L39.63
PHC 120SHH-1X10FT677.40
PHC 120SHH-2C/L79.17
PHC 120SHH-2X10FT1354.82
PHC 120SPH-1C/L36.06
PHC 120SPH-1X10FT615.68
PHC 120SPH-2C/L72.20
PHC 120SPH-2X10FT1231.40
PHC 12B-1C/L2.11
PHC 12B-1DR-C/L4.79
PHC 12B-1DR-O/L9.76
PHC 12B-1DRX100FT1678.63
PHC 12B-1DRX10FT168.49
PHC 12B-1DRX5MTR276.42
PHC 12B-1HPX5MTR154.73
PHC 12B-1NP-C/L3.60
PHC 12B-1NP-O/L7.22
PHC 12B-1NPX10FT138.40
PHC 12B-1O/L4.21
PHC 12B-1SBX10FT358.42
PHC 12B-1SLRF1X10FT582.89
PHC 12B-1SLRF1X5MTR956.14
PHC 12B-1SLR-O/L27.34
PHC 12B-1SLRX10FT573.44
PHC 12B-1SLRX5MTR940.70
PHC 12B-1SS-C/L13.22
PHC 12B-1SS-O/L26.57
PHC 12B-1SSX10FT488.09
PHC 12B-1SSX5MTR800.66
PHC 12B-1X100FT1206.68
PHC 12B-1X10FT93.83
PHC 12B-1X25FT234.46
PHC 12B-1X5MTR153.93
PHC 12B-1ZP-C/L2.54
PHC 12B-1ZP-O/L5.41
PHC 12B-1ZPX10FT118.89
PHC 12B-2C/L4.21
PHC 12B-2DR-C/L9.76
PHC 12B-2DR-O/L19.67
PHC 12B-2DRX10FT336.87
PHC 12B-2DRX5MTR552.61
PHC 12B-2NP-C/L7.22
PHC 12B-2NP-O/L14.27
PHC 12B-2NPX10FT276.83
PHC 12B-2O/L8.41
PHC 12B-2SLR-C/L21.47
PHC 12B-2SLR-O/L54.66
PHC 12B-2SLRX10FT1146.89
PHC 12B-2SLRX5MTR1881.39
PHC 12B-2SS-C/L26.57
PHC 12B-2SS-O/L52.87
PHC 12B-2SSX10FT976.37
PHC 12B-2SSX5MTR1601.64
PHC 12B-2X100FT1879.33
PHC 12B-2X10FT188.50
PHC 12B-2X5MTR309.23
PHC 12B-2ZP-C/L5.41
PHC 12B-2ZP-O/L10.66
PHC 12B-2ZPX10FT237.80
PHC 12B-3C/L6.77
PHC 12B-3O/L13.52
PHC 12B-3SSX10FT1326.95
PHC 12B-3X10FT301.26
PHC 12B-3X5MTR494.16
PHC 12B-4X5MTR801.79
PHC 140-1C/L26.57
PHC 140-1CX10FT576.69
PHC 140-1DR-C/L56.92
PHC 140-1DR-O/L113.84
PHC 140-1DRX10FT994.45
PHC 140-1DRX5MTR1631.32
PHC 140-1NP-C/L46.71
PHC 140-1NP-O/L93.71
PHC 140-1NPX10FT803.51
PHC 140-1O/L52.71
PHC 140-1SS-C/L128.40
PHC 140-1SS-O/L257.10
PHC 140-1SSX10FT2636.33
PHC 140-1SSX5MTR4324.65
PHC 140-1X10FT566.93
PHC 140-1X5MTR930.03
PHC 140-1ZP-C/L29.44
PHC 140-1ZP-O/L58.42
PHC 140-1ZPX10FT734.72
PHC 140-2C/L52.87
PHC 140-2CX10FT1153.29
PHC 140-2DR-C/L113.84
PHC 140-2DR-O/L227.52
PHC 140-2DRX10FT1988.81
PHC 140-2DRX5MTR3262.42
PHC 140-2NP-C/L93.71
PHC 140-2NP-O/L187.42
PHC 140-2NPX10FT1606.82
PHC 140-2O/L105.43
PHC 140-2SS-C/L257.10
PHC 140-2SS-O/L514.22
PHC 140-2SSX10FT5272.57
PHC 140-2SSX5MTR8649.11
PHC 140-2X10FT1133.88
PHC 140-2X5MTR1860.06
PHC 140-2ZP-C/L58.42
PHC 140-2ZP-O/L117.14
PHC 140-2ZPX10FT1469.64
PHC 140-3C/L84.85
PHC 140-3CX10FT1845.23
PHC 140-3O/L168.66
PHC 140-3X10FT1815.35
PHC 140-3X5MTR2977.88
PHC 140H-1C/L34.24
PHC 140H-1CX10FT724.97
PHC 140H-1O/L68.64
PHC 140H-1X10FT659.00
PHC 140H-1X5MTR1081.03
PHC 140H-2C/L68.64
PHC 140H-2CX10FT1449.82
PHC 140H-2O/L137.11
PHC 140H-2X10FT1318.12
PHC 140H-2X5MTR2162.28
PHC 140H-3C/L109.78
PHC 140H-3CX10FT2319.68
PHC 140H-3O/L219.26
PHC 140H-3X10FT2108.92
PHC 140H-3X5MTR3459.46
PHC 140SH-1X10FT934.90
PHC 140SH-1X5MTR1533.65
PHC 140SHH-1C/L57.54
PHC 140SHH-1X10FT841.38
PHC 140SPH-1C/L52.65
PHC 140SPH-1X10FT771.19
PHC 140SPH-2C/L104.00
PHC 140SPH-2X10FT1542.45
PHC 15-1C/L2.11
PHC 15-1O/L4.35
PHC 15-1X10FT152.63
PHC 15-1X5MTR250.39
PHC 160-1C/L39.79
PHC 160-1CX10FT825.16
PHC 160-1DR-C/L82.15
PHC 160-1DR-O/L164.15
PHC 160-1DRX10FT1385.90
PHC 160-1DRX5MTR2273.45
PHC 160-1NP-C/L68.64
PHC 160-1NP-O/L137.11
PHC 160-1NPX10FT1128.30
PHC 160-1O/L79.14
PHC 160-1X10FT811.13
PHC 160-1X25FT2027.58
PHC 160-1X5MTR1330.62
PHC 160-1ZP-C/L43.70
PHC 160-1ZP-O/L87.10
PHC 160-1ZPX10FT927.38
PHC 160-2C/L79.45
PHC 160-2CX10FT1650.21
PHC 160-2DR-C/L164.15
PHC 160-2DR-O/L328.59
PHC 160-2DRX10FT2771.90
PHC 160-2DRX5MTR4547.00
PHC 160-2NP-C/L137.11
PHC 160-2NP-O/L274.52
PHC 160-2NPX10FT2256.48
PHC 160-2O/L158.44
PHC 160-2SLRX10FT1425.44
PHC 160-2X10FT1622.16
PHC 160-2X5MTR2661.02
PHC 160-2ZP-C/L87.10
PHC 160-2ZP-O/L174.05
PHC 160-2ZPX10FT1854.77
PHC 160-3C/L127.21
PHC 160-3CX10FT2640.40
PHC 160-3CX5MTR2712.19
PHC 160-3O/L253.50
PHC 160-3SLRX10FT2310.35
PHC 160-3X10FT2595.19
PHC 160-3X5MTR4257.17
PHC 160H-1C/L51.36
PHC 160H-1CX10FT1037.34
PHC 160H-1O/L102.87
PHC 160H-1X10FT943.14
PHC 160H-1X5MTR1547.17
PHC 160H-2C/L102.87
PHC 160H-2CX10FT2074.58
PHC 160H-2O/L205.75
PHC 160H-2X10FT1886.07
PHC 160H-2X5MTR3093.93
PHC 160H-3C/L164.45
PHC 160H-3CX10FT3319.33
PHC 160H-3O/L329.05
PHC 160H-3X10FT3017.71
PHC 160H-3X5MTR4950.22
PHC 160SH-1X10FT1335.28
PHC 160SH-1X5MTR2190.43
PHC 160SHH-1C/L88.33
PHC 160SHH-1X10FT1132.22
PHC 160SHH-2C/L175.17
PHC 160SHH-2X10FT2264.37
PHC 160SPH-1C/L82.21
PHC 160SPH-1X10FT1174.84
PHC 160SPH-2C/L162.39
PHC 160SPH-2X10FT2103.88
PHC 160SPH-3C/L308.08
PHC 160SPH-3CX10FT4084.90
PHC 160SPH-3X10FT3890.27
PHC 16B-1C/L4.51
PHC 16B-1DR-C/L9.76
PHC 16B-1DR-O/L19.67
PHC 16B-1DRX10FT345.01
PHC 16B-1DRX5MTR565.92
PHC 16B-1NP-C/L8.41
PHC 16B-1NP-O/L16.67
PHC 16B-1NPX10FT288.30
PHC 16B-1O/L9.32
PHC 16B-1SLR-C/L19.97
PHC 16B-1SLRF1X10FT811.84
PHC 16B-1SLRF1X5MTR1331.73
PHC 16B-1SLR-O/L45.65
PHC 16B-1SLRX10FT821.70
PHC 16B-1SLRX5MTR1347.90
PHC 16B-1SS-C/L33.49
PHC 16B-1SS-O/L67.12
PHC 16B-1SSX10FT955.95
PHC 16B-1SSX5MTR1568.10
PHC 16B-1X10FT181.46
PHC 16B-1X5MTR297.69
PHC 16B-1ZP-C/L5.41
PHC 16B-1ZP-O/L10.66
PHC 16B-1ZPX10FT242.26
PHC 16B-2C/L9.02
PHC 16B-2CX10FT319.00
PHC 16B-2DR-C/L19.67
PHC 16B-2DR-O/L39.35
PHC 16B-2DRX10FT690.21
PHC 16B-2DRX5MTR1132.25
PHC 16B-2NP-C/L16.67
PHC 16B-2NP-O/L33.19
PHC 16B-2NPX10FT576.39
PHC 16B-2O/L18.78
PHC 16B-2SLR-C/L39.79
PHC 16B-2SLR-O/L91.46
PHC 16B-2SLRX10FT1841.36
PHC 16B-2SLRX5MTR3020.57
PHC 16B-2SS-C/L67.12
PHC 16B-2SS-O/L134.26
PHC 16B-2SSX10FT1911.98
PHC 16B-2SSX5MTR3136.41
PHC 16B-2X10FT362.92
PHC 16B-2X5MTR595.39
PHC 16B-2ZP-C/L10.66
PHC 16B-2ZP-O/L21.47
PHC 16B-2ZPX10FT484.63
PHC 16B-3C/L14.42
PHC 16B-3O/L29.89
PHC 16B-3X10FT580.52
PHC 16B-3X5MTR952.28
PHC 16BH-1X5MTR283.78
PHC 16S-1C/L10.96
PHC 16S-1O/L21.92
PHC 16S-1X10FT430.67
PHC 16S-2C/L21.92
PHC 16S-2O/L43.85
PHC 16S-2X10FT861.23
PHC 16S-3C/L35.29
PHC 16S-3O/L70.43
PHC 16S-3X10FT1377.98
PHC 16S-4C/L49.56
PHC 16S-4O/L98.81
PHC 16S-4X10FT1937.89
PHC 16S-5C/L65.93
PHC 16S-5O/L132.00
PHC 16S-5X10FT2583.80
PHC 16S-6C/L79.14
PHC 16S-6O/L158.29
PHC 16S-8C/L121.04
PHC 16S-8O/L241.79
PHC 180-1C/L64.28
PHC 180-1CX10FT1244.03
PHC 180-1O/L128.40
PHC 180-1X10FT1184.89
PHC 180-1X5MTR1943.69
PHC 180-2C/L128.40
PHC 180-2CX10FT2487.97
PHC 180-2O/L257.10
PHC 180-2X10FT2369.58
PHC 180-2X5MTR3887.08
PHC 180-3C/L205.75
PHC 180-3CX10FT3980.87
PHC 180-3O/L411.34
PHC 180-3X10FT3791.25
PHC 180-3X5MTR6219.16
PHC 180H-1C/L77.04
PHC 180H-1O/L154.23
PHC 180H-1X10FT1421.87
PHC 180H-1X5MTR2332.40
PHC 200-1C/L82.15
PHC 200-1CX10FT1467.60
PHC 200-1O/L164.15
PHC 200-1X10FT1397.68
PHC 200-1X5MTR2292.75
PHC 200-2C/L164.15
PHC 200-2CX10FT2935.19
PHC 200-2CX5MTR3014.96
PHC 200-2O/L328.59
PHC 200-2X10FT2795.46
PHC 200-2X5MTR4585.72
PHC 200-3C/L262.67
PHC 200-3CX10FT4696.29
PHC 200-3O/L525.63
PHC 200-3X10FT4472.62
PHC 200-3X5MTR7336.89
PHC 200-4CX10FT6339.16
PHC 200H-1C/L98.52
PHC 200H-1CX10FT1845.01
PHC 200H-1O/L197.03
PHC 200H-1X10FT1677.34
PHC 200H-1X5MTR2751.47
PHC 200H-2C/L197.03
PHC 200H-2CX10FT3689.93
PHC 200H-2O/L394.21
PHC 200H-2X10FT3354.58
PHC 200H-2X5MTR5502.84
PHC 200H-3C/L315.37
PHC 200H-3CX10FT5903.94
PHC 200H-3O/L630.59
PHC 200H-3X10FT5367.29
PHC 200H-3X5MTR8804.48
PHC 200SH-1X10FT2375.88
PHC 200SH-1X5MTR3897.45
PHC 200SHH-1C/L190.68
PHC 200SHH-1X10FT1952.31
PHC 200SHH-2C/L379.51
PHC 200SHH-2X10FT3904.75
PHC 200SPH-1C/L176.81
PHC 200SPH-1X10FT1544.27
PHC 200SPH-2C/L353.62
PHC 200SPH-2X10FT3621.33
PHC 2040-C/L2.25
PHC 2040-O/L4.65
PHC 2040X10FT42.98
PHC 2050-C/L3.00
PHC 2050-O/L6.46
PHC 2050X10FT66.76
PHC 2060-C/L3.91
PHC 2060-O/L7.36
PHC 2060X10FT82.51
PHC 2080-C/L7.96
PHC 2080H-C/L9.76
PHC 2080H-O/L19.22
PHC 2080HX10FT156.09
PHC 2080-O/L16.07
PHC 2080X10FT146.95
PHC 208B-C/L2.54
PHC 208B-O/L5.11
PHC 208BX10FT45.12
PHC 20B-1C/L9.61
PHC 20B-1DR-C/L21.18
PHC 20B-1DR-O/L42.19
PHC 20B-1DRX10FT515.21
PHC 20B-1DRX5MTR845.18
PHC 20B-1NP-C/L16.81
PHC 20B-1NP-O/L33.64
PHC 20B-1NPX10FT429.25
PHC 20B-1O/L19.53
PHC 20B-1SS-C/L64.28
PHC 20B-1SS-O/L128.40
PHC 20B-1SSX10FT1337.32
PHC 20B-1SSX5MTR2193.79
PHC 20B-1X100FT2512.45
PHC 20B-1X10FT279.17
PHC 20B-1X5MTR457.98
PHC 20B-1ZP-C/L11.56
PHC 20B-1ZP-O/L22.98
PHC 20B-1ZPX10FT345.61
PHC 20B-2C/L19.22
PHC 20B-2DR-C/L42.19
PHC 20B-2DR-O/L84.55
PHC 20B-2DRX10FT1030.64
PHC 20B-2DRX5MTR1690.66
PHC 20B-2NP-C/L33.64
PHC 20B-2NP-O/L67.43
PHC 20B-2NPX10FT858.48
PHC 20B-2O/L39.05
PHC 20B-2SS-C/L128.40
PHC 20B-2SS-O/L257.10
PHC 20B-2SSX10FT2674.75
PHC 20B-2SSX5MTR4387.66
PHC 20B-2X10FT558.34
PHC 20B-2X5MTR915.88
PHC 20B-2ZP-C/L22.98
PHC 20B-2ZP-O/L45.65
PHC 20B-2ZPX10FT691.32
PHC 20B-3C/L30.94
PHC 20B-3DRX5MTR1787.31
PHC 20B-3O/L62.64
PHC 20B-3X10FT892.53
PHC 20B-3X5MTR1464.09
PHC 20S-1C/L21.77
PHC 20S-1O/L43.10
PHC 20S-1X10FT692.03
PHC 20S-2C/L43.10
PHC 20S-2O/L86.36
PHC 20S-2X10FT1384.17
PHC 20S-3C/L68.93
PHC 20S-3O/L138.16
PHC 20S-3X10FT2214.71
PHC 20S-4C/L97.01
PHC 20S-4O/L194.33
PHC 20S-4X10FT3114.26
PHC 20S-5C/L129.44
PHC 20S-5O/L258.91
PHC 20S-5X10FT4152.40
PHC 20S-6C/L155.45
PHC 20S-6O/L310.72
PHC 20S-6X10FT4982.85
PHC 20S-8C/L237.43
PHC 20S-8O/L474.56
PHC 2100-C/L15.01
PHC 2100-O/L29.89
PHC 2100X10FT235.97
PHC 210B-C/L3.60
PHC 210B-O/L7.22
PHC 210BX10FT65.25
PHC 2120-C/L35.74
PHC 2120-O/L71.48
PHC 2120X10FT349.87
PHC 212B-C/L4.06
PHC 212B-O/L8.41
PHC 212BX10FT79.57
PHC 216B-C/L9.02
PHC 216B-O/L18.16
PHC 216BX10FT148.67
PHC 220B-C/L19.38
PHC 220B-O/L38.59
PHC 220BX10FT235.97
PHC 224B-C/L35.74
PHC 224B-O/L71.48
PHC 224BX10FT413.39
PHC 228B-C/L51.36
PHC 228B-O/L102.87
PHC 228BX10FT494.79
PHC 232B-C/L77.04
PHC 232B-O/L154.23
PHC 232BX10FT628.82
PHC 240-1C/L124.80
PHC 240-1CX10FT2093.99
PHC 240-1O/L249.90
PHC 240-1X10FT1994.28
PHC 240-1X5MTR3271.47
PHC 240-2C/L249.90
PHC 240-2CX10FT4187.89
PHC 240-2CX5MTR4301.60
PHC 240-2O/L499.94
PHC 240-2X10FT3988.49
PHC 240-2X25FT9277.53
PHC 240-2X34FT12617.46
PHC 240-2X5MTR6542.72
PHC 240-3C/L399.78
PHC 240-3CX10FT6700.54
PHC 240-3O/L799.84
PHC 240-3X10FT6381.56
PHC 240-3X5MTR10468.32
PHC 240H-1C/L149.87
PHC 240H-1O/L300.05
PHC 240H-1X10FT2393.06
PHC 240H-1X5MTR3925.59
PHC 240SH-1X10FT3389.03
PHC 240SH-1X5MTR5559.34
PHC 24B-1C/L18.02
PHC 24B-1DR-C/L38.30
PHC 24B-1DR-O/L76.88
PHC 24B-1DRX10FT936.23
PHC 24B-1DRX5MTR1535.78
PHC 24B-1NP-C/L32.15
PHC 24B-1NP-O/L64.58
PHC 24B-1NPX10FT757.48
PHC 24B-1O/L36.50
PHC 24B-1SS-C/L88.30
PHC 24B-1SS-O/L176.90
PHC 24B-1SSX10FT2479.74
PHC 24B-1SSX5MTR4067.76
PHC 24B-1X10FT490.20
PHC 24B-1X5MTR804.13
PHC 24B-1ZP-C/L20.43
PHC 24B-1ZP-O/L40.85
PHC 24B-1ZPX10FT613.69
PHC 24B-2C/L36.20
PHC 24B-2DR-C/L76.88
PHC 24B-2DR-O/L153.48
PHC 24B-2DRX10FT1872.46
PHC 24B-2DRX5MTR3071.56
PHC 24B-2NP-C/L64.58
PHC 24B-2NP-O/L129.15
PHC 24B-2NPX10FT1514.76
PHC 24B-2O/L72.83
PHC 24B-2SS-C/L176.90
PHC 24B-2SS-O/L353.83
PHC 24B-2SSX10FT4959.48
PHC 24B-2SSX5MTR8135.52
PHC 24B-2X10FT980.38
PHC 24B-2X5MTR1608.24
PHC 24B-2ZP-C/L40.85
PHC 24B-2ZP-O/L81.40
PHC 24B-2ZPX10FT1227.58
PHC 24B-3C/L57.82
PHC 24B-3CX10FT1459.25
PHC 24B-3O/L116.68
PHC 24B-3X10FT1568.28
PHC 24B-3X5MTR2572.57
PHC 24S-1C/L43.10
PHC 24S-1O/L86.51
PHC 24S-1X10FT1026.15
PHC 24S-2C/L86.51
PHC 24S-2O/L173.15
PHC 24S-2X10FT2052.22
PHC 24S-3C/L138.31
PHC 24S-3O/L276.78
PHC 24S-3X10FT3283.55
PHC 24S-4C/L194.49
PHC 24S-4O/L389.40
PHC 24S-4X10FT4617.63
PHC 24S-5C/L259.36
PHC 24S-5O/L519.02
PHC 24S-5X10FT6156.77
PHC 24S-6C/L311.47
PHC 24S-6O/L622.63
PHC 24S-6X10FT7388.20
PHC 24S-8C/L475.61
PHC 24S-8O/L951.52
PHC 25-1C/L1.51
PHC 25-1DR-C/L3.00
PHC 25-1DR-O/L6.16
PHC 25-1DRX10FT71.03
PHC 25-1DRX5MTR116.56
PHC 25-1NP-C/L2.54
PHC 25-1NP-O/L5.41
PHC 25-1NPX10FT84.65
PHC 25-1O/L3.60
PHC 25-1SS-C/L14.27
PHC 25-1SS-O/L28.54
PHC 25-1SSX10FT476.10
PHC 25-1SSX5MTR780.96
PHC 25-1X10FT61.68
PHC 25-1X5MTR101.21
PHC 25-1ZP-C/L2.54
PHC 25-1ZP-O/L5.41
PHC 25-1ZPX10FT89.02
PHC 25-2C/L3.00
PHC 25-2DR-C/L6.16
PHC 25-2DR-O/L12.47
PHC 25-2DRX10FT142.06
PHC 25-2DRX5MTR233.02
PHC 25-2NP-C/L5.41
PHC 25-2NP-O/L10.66
PHC 25-2NPX10FT169.20
PHC 25-2SS-C/L28.54
PHC 25-2SS-O/L57.22
PHC 25-2SSX10FT952.09
PHC 25-2SSX5MTR1561.80
PHC 25-2X10FT123.37
PHC 25-2X5MTR202.33
PHC 25-2ZP-C/L5.41
PHC 25-2ZP-O/L10.66
PHC 25-2ZPX10FT177.94
PHC 25-3C/L5.85
PHC 25-3O/L11.56
PHC 25-3X10FT190.44
PHC 25-3X5MTR312.38
PHC 25SH-1C/L1.71
PHC 25SH-1X10FT101.61
PHC 25SH-1X5MTR166.65
PHC 28B-1C/L26.57
PHC 28B-1DR-C/L56.92
PHC 28B-1DR-O/L113.84
PHC 28B-1DRX10FT1120.77
PHC 28B-1DRX5MTR1838.52
PHC 28B-1NP-C/L47.00
PHC 28B-1NP-O/L93.71
PHC 28B-1NPX10FT906.66
PHC 28B-1O/L52.71
PHC 28B-1X10FT586.25
PHC 28B-1X5MTR961.69
PHC 28B-1ZP-C/L29.44
PHC 28B-1ZP-O/L58.42
PHC 28B-1ZPX10FT734.72
PHC 28B-2C/L52.87
PHC 28B-2DR-C/L113.84
PHC 28B-2DR-O/L227.52
PHC 28B-2DRX10FT2241.64
PHC 28B-2DRX5MTR3677.25
PHC 28B-2NP-C/L93.71
PHC 28B-2NP-O/L187.74
PHC 28B-2NPX10FT1813.31
PHC 28B-2O/L105.43
PHC 28B-2X10FT1171.70
PHC 28B-2X5MTR1922.08
PHC 28B-2ZP-C/L58.42
PHC 28B-2ZP-O/L117.14
PHC 28B-2ZPX10FT1469.64
PHC 28B-3C/L84.85
PHC 28B-3O/L168.66
PHC 28B-3X10FT1875.37
PHC 28B-3X5MTR3076.36
PHC 28S-1C/L62.77
PHC 28S-1O/L125.55
PHC 28S-1X10FT1288.84
PHC 28S-2C/L125.55
PHC 28S-2O/L251.55
PHC 28S-2X10FT2577.71
PHC 28S-3C/L201.23
PHC 28S-3O/L402.17
PHC 28S-3X10FT4124.36
PHC 28S-4C/L282.94
PHC 28S-4O/L565.57
PHC 28S-4X10FT5799.86
PHC 28S-5C/L377.10
PHC 28S-5O/L754.19
PHC 28S-6C/L452.33
PHC 28S-6O/L904.83
PHC 28S-6X10FT9279.76
PHC 32B-1C/L39.79
PHC 32B-1DR-C/L82.15
PHC 32B-1DR-O/L164.15
PHC 32B-1DRX10FT1394.24
PHC 32B-1DRX5MTR2287.07
PHC 32B-1NP-C/L68.93
PHC 32B-1NP-O/L137.86
PHC 32B-1NPX10FT1133.37
PHC 32B-1O/L79.14
PHC 32B-1SS-C/L192.82
PHC 32B-1SS-O/L385.51
PHC 32B-1SSX10FT3772.55
PHC 32B-1SSX5MTR6188.47
PHC 32B-1X10FT744.72
PHC 32B-1X5MTR1221.69